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Doing a complete bathroom remodel be rewarding!
Take a look for yourself and you decide.  Going from
old to new with a complete tiled 60" Shower. 
Complete Bathroom Remodel!
Turning a
Half Bath
into a Full Bath!!
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Turning a Half bath into a Complete Bath by extending the wall where the door once was and converting the closet to where the toilet now sits.  -  Removing window and enclosing to install complete shower unit.

  Looks Great!  Amazing job.
Once in a while you  we get those jobs that cause a great mess.  Water damage is a terrible thing..  Check out the befores and afters.................
Residential Bathroom Remodels -
Misc. Insurance Jobs -
Taking advantage of a bad situation results into a new laundry room!
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This is what a bad Winter storm can cause.....
frozen and broken pipes,which cause ceilings to fall, roof leak, and highwinds that take your siding off....making the best of a bad situation! 
Turned out Great! 
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