Residential Log Home -

Free Floating Foundation - special designed piping
to move with the expansion of the log cabin. 
Designed as a split-system for water heaters in this
split-system home.

Residential & Commercial Bathroom Remodels - 

     Residential home with complete bathroom remodel
     built in open area of basement  separate sewage pump
system inst window i                                                  installed.

      Commercial Bathroom remodel - Original bathroom
                                                                                 was decreased in size in order to complete build of
                                                                                 second bathroom.

Residential Home Boiler Systems -

Relocated gas lines and installed new copper piping for
Existing Boiler system and installed new Boiler System in
second location.

                                                                                  Commercial Projects -

                                                                                  Install of waterline, gasline, fireline, man-holes,
                                                                                  underground boating and fire hydrants.

             TjM Plumbing, LLC * 12671 Wilderness Road * Rocky Gap, VA * Rt 606 South Gap * USA * 23466 
                                                                     Phone: (276) 928-0299 Cell: (304) 952-7930

Project Portfolio
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